A1 Snippex Nail Brush

0.80 (0.98 sis. alv)

Snippex Nail Brush.

The SNIPPEX nail brush is perfect for manicures and pedicures. Extremely practical accessory helps in removing impurities from the area around the plate. It is also useful during nail filing procedures, when excess dust must be thoroughly removed. The product is indispensable not only in beauty salons, but also in every bathroom!

Delicate for skin and nails

The brush has bristles made of flexible material, thanks to which it does not irritate the epidermis or damage the nail plate during use . The properly profiled handle prevents the brush from slipping even with wet hands. Compact dimensions and lightness make it easy to store. The brush is easy to clean , it can be wet disinfected.

length – 8 cm
, width – 2.8 cm
, height – 4 cm