Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish Shaver 08173-716

120.00 (146.40 sis. alv)

Wahl Professional 5 Star Vanish Shaver 08173-716. Wahl Vanish Shaver. Toimitus 6-8 työpäivää. Takuu 12 kk.

The Vanish Shaver is an upgrade of the Finale Shaver and shaves even better and smoother. Due to the new innovative drive system, the blades move independently of each other. This allows you to work even closer to the skin to remove every hair even more effectively. The Wahl Vanish Shaver also has the well-known hypoallergenic shaving foils for an irritation and bump-free shaving experience.

Worn blades and foil? With the Wahl Vanish Shaver, the blades and shaving foils can be replaced individually without replacing the entire shaving head. Saves time and money.
With a runtime of over 100 minutes on a single charge, powered by a premium lithium-ion battery, the 5 Star Vanish will see most hairdressers and barbers through a normal day without recharging!
Nothing disrupts workflow more than an unknown load level. Wahl has therefore equipped the Vanish Shaver with a large, brilliant and easy-to-read LED light on the front: 3 strips: battery full, 2 strips: battery at 60% and 1 strip: battery at 30%.
Ergonomically designed for everyday use, the Vanish has finger grips on the back and offers full control while applying the finishing touches and details.
For professionals on the go, the Travel Lock option ensures the Vanish Shaver doesn’t accidentally turn on and drain power. Are you traveling by plane? No problem. The battery meets all travel regulations.
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