Armand UV-LED N9 PRO kynsilamppu 60W

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UV-LED N9 PRO kynsilamppu 60W. 60 W double LED lamp built on the basis of new generation LED / UV LEDs. The patented Dual LED technology emits light at 365 nm, 405 nm. The lamp polymerizes all types of hybrid gels and varnishes using both UV and LED photoinitiators.

Technical data:
Number of LEDs: 33 pcs. Dual LEDs (2 in 1)
Lamp frequency: 365 nm, 405 nm
Maximum power consumption: 60 W (max.)
Operating modes: standard (60 W) and low (48 W)
Built-in timer: 10 s, 30 s, 60 s, 99 s
Product Dimensions: 230mm x 224mm x 88mm 
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