Microneedle PEN is a modern micro needle mesotherapy device, used for the regeneration of the skin, eliminating wrinkles and treatment of scars and stretch marks reduction. ,, Pen “faster, more efficiently, and at the same time in a less painful regenerating, healing and reduces skin imperfections. It allows the loading of the actives into the skin puncturing it with the pulsating needles. What is the treatment? Microneedle PEN stimulates the natural regenerative capacity of the human body. “Pen” in a controlled manner punctures the skin, which runs in the processes autoodnowy, the proliferation of collagen and elastin. Its micro-needles penetrate to a depth of 2.0 mm, which additionally enables the absorption of active substances into the skin. Thanks to the extraordinary pace complexion regains a healthy and youthful appearance. The confirmed activity is Microneedle PEN: -wygładzenie wrinkles -regeneracja skin -spłycenie scars -niwelowanie stretching -reduction scars (reduction of skin imperfections) -Reduce pore -Prevents alopecia Device acts on the cable to the set of cartridges 2 are attached and a case the images shown. It has 5 modes with different frequencies punctures. Technical Specifications: – plastokowa housing -number of needles 12 -przedział regulation of needle length: 0.25 mm – 2.0 mm -weight 56 g mains frequency punches 6500-9000 rev / min 6500-7000r / m 7000-7500r / m 7500-8000r / m 8000-8500r / m 8500-9000r / m


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