Silver Fox 2220C hoitotuoli 3 moottoria

1,049.18 (1,280.00 sis. alv)

Silver Fox 2220C hoitotuoli 3 moottoria. Takuu 12 kk. Toimitus 4-6 arkipäivää.

Pedicure bed with 3 motors and 2 pneumatics. Leg control is integrated in the bottom of the couch. A hand control can be connected.

3 motors
electrically adjustable height
electrically adjustable back
electrically adjustable seat inclination
pneumatically adjustable right leg
pneumatically adjustable left leg section
color: white
coating: PU / premium polyurethane, soft, gentle to the touch. High abrasion resistance, easy to clean
head: extendable
removable armrests
can be lowered to a horizontal position
stable metal frame
electric height adjustment
electric seat angle adjustment 0-20 °
electrically adjustable back: 80-0 °
height: 63-85 cm
width: 62 cm, with armrests 87 cm
length 185 – 195cm
legs can be lowered up to 85 °
weight: 78 kg.

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