NEONAIL Futuro kynsi-imurin vaihtosuodattimet 3 kpl

14.75 (18.00 sis. alv)

NEONAIL Futuro kynsi-imurin vaihtosuodattimet 3 kpl.

If you have a dust collector FUTURO DUST COLLECTOR or FUTURO 2IN1 NAIL DRILL WITH DUST COLLECTOR, you must also have replacement filters for this device. Why are they necessary? All because the filter effectively absorbs dust, which is formed during nail stylization. As a result, when starting the device, the dust does not float, but is absorbed perfectly. Importantly, the filters are reusable. Using the dust collector is not only pleasant, but also makes working on nails or manicure removal more comfortable. Reach for FUTURO filters for regular cleaning and replacement.

The set of replacement filters for FUTURO Dust Collector is:

  • 3 filters in the package, with a diameter of 17 cm, which you can use repeatedly (after use it is worth cleaning the filter with a vacuum cleaner),
  • easy and quick cleaning,
  • quick and trouble-free replacement,
  • high quality of the product.

Take care not only of high working comfort, but also of your device. Reach for the dust collector filters to be able to replace them regularly!