Manikyyripöytä Armand Luxury Right imurilla, valkoinen

658.33 (803.17 sis. alv)

Manikyyripöytä Activ Luxury Right imurilla, valkoinen. Toimitus 8-10 työpäivää.

Cosmetic desk with an absorber – a very functional piece of furniture for beauty salons that combines three functions: a desk, a dust absorber and a rack for displaying varnishes, etc. This furniture perfectly matches the furnishings of modern rooms. It has a cupboard with spacious drawers. The furniture has been specially designed in such a way as to facilitate the work as much as possible and reduce the problem of protruding cables (from lamps, milling machines, absorbers, etc.):

– the desk in the table top has special holes for cable routing,
– the lower cabinet under the last drawer has a special place with an exit to cable,
– illuminated display rack,

– table top holes (for cables).
– absorber power 24W


– height: 80 cm, height with a display shelf: 136 cm
– width: 48 cm
– length: 118 cm

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