LED-lamppu Galer pyörillä, himmennettävä valo. LED lamp. When switched on, it shines on a maximum intesnity then it is possible to reduce the intensity, making it particularly comfortable to work with. The SMD LED provides particularly bright lighting. Adjustable lamp head: sideways, up / down. 4 light intensities: 100/75/50/25%. Adjustable with on / off button. Memory function. When connected from the mains, the last used intensity will be activated

lamp head: width 50 x thickness 6 cm
lower elbow adjustable: 0 ~ 110 º; secondary: 0 ~ 180 º
lamp length 95 cm (first part 41 cm, second part 41 cm, third part 13 cm)
stand with 5 wheels, one wheel with brake. Stand height 71 cm (from the floor)
power: 24 W
light source: 117 pcs. SMD LED (0.2W / pcs.)
light intensity: 2200 lm
operating mode: 5,600-6,000 hours.
voltage: 220-240 V ~
frequency: 50/60 Hz


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