Kepro KayPro Botu-Cure Phase 4 Lotion 12 x 12ml

16.00 (19.52 sis. alv)

Kepro KayPro Botu-Cure Phase 4 Lotion 12 x 12ml.

PLUMPING EFFECT LOTION  for very damaged, brittle and tending to break hair. Several active ingredients with a plumping action act synergistically on the capillary structure, facilitating the cohesion of the scales. Keratin, collagen and ceramides perform a plumping action and, simultaneously with pistachio oil, with its well-known nourishing properties, and hyaluronic acid, moisturizing anti-aging filler, give a full-bodied, shiny and regenerated appearance to the hair fiber.

How to use:

Apply after shampooing and dab the product all over the hair, insisting in particular on lengths and ends.

Then massage until an emulsion is obtained.

Leave on for 3 to 5 minutes, comb and then rinse.

In case of particularly weak and dry hair, it is advisable to apply the product and cover the hair with a thermal cap, proceed with laying under a heat source for 4-8 minutes and finally rinse.