Hoitotuoli Weelko Tempo lämpiävä, 4-moottoria

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Beauty bed with 4 motors, heating  and rotation 0-120 ° in each direction. 3 motors – for height, seat inclination, legs and back adjustment. Reset function – the bed returns to the sitting position with the push of a button. Integrated motor control on the side and back of the bed, additional hand or foot control can be connected. Maximum functionality and comfort for the customer and the master.

color: white
4 motors
can rotate the couch in both directions 0-120 ° to the right and 0-120 ° to the left, a total of 240 °
electrically adjustable height: 58-90 cm
width: 56 cm, with armrests 86 cm
length: 185-205 cm
electric seat angle adjustment -5 + 10 °
electric back and leg adjustment at the same time. The leg section can be controlled separately by pneumatics
the leg section can be lowered up to 90 °
coating: PU / premium polyurethane, soft, gentle to the touch. High wear resistance, easy to clean
removable and extendable head part, adjustable angle of inclination, breathing opening
removable and extendable leg
can be lowered to a horizontal position
folding and removable armrests
stable metal frame with plastic finish
weight: 78 kg.

Delivery 10-11 working days.

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