Goldwell System Cream Developer Lotion 2% 1000ml

10.00 (12.20 sis. alv)

Goldwell System Cream Developer Lotion 2% 1000ml

Goldwell Topchic Liquid Developer Lotion 2% 7 vol Colorance

Goldwell System Developer 2% is a hair lotion that is suitable for both the professional and the consumer! Do you want to color your hair or the hair of your customers in a more intensive way , so that the color also lasts longer? Then choose the developer of Goldwell Lotion (2%)!

Goldwell ‘s mild and fast acting developer is very easy to use. You determine the intensity of the color yourself. The longer you leave the hair lotion on, the more intense the color. The developer has a blue label and this makes it easy to recognize with which Goldwell products you should mix the hair lotion. You have to mix the Goldwell developer with the blue buses and tubes from the Goldwell Colorance demi-permanent line. By using a developer, your hair is cared for during coloring, it obtains a brilliant shine and more color intensity.

This Goldwell developer is available in several variants:
The Goldwell Colorance Express Lotion with the green label is very suitable for hair that needs to be repaired. The ammonia-free semi-permanent hair lotion is made on the basis of acids.

Store in a cool place. Keep out of direct sunlight. For professional use.