Efalock Greentools Puregreen Shark Clips -jaotteluklipsit 4kpl.

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Efalock Greentools Puregreen Shark Clips -jaotteluklipsit 4kpl. Paketissa 4 kpl. Pituus 11 cm. Sopii pitkien ja raskaiden hiusten jaotteluun.


Made from natural wheat straw fiber. Supports the reduction of CO2- emissions in the manufacturing process. Straw fiber synthetic products can be fully recycled and reused, they are sustainable, recyclable and degradable.

Flexible double joint: ideal for strong hair or wide strands. Adapts individually to the amount of hair. Neatly divides sections of hair and securely holds hair without slipping. Fine serration of the underside: secure, non-slip hold..

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