Diva Pro Styling Precious Metals Gold Dust Multi Waver lainerauta

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Diva Pro Styling Precious Metals Gold Dust Multi Waver lainerauta. Diva Pro Styling Precious Metals Gold Dust Multi Waver lainerauta on keraaminen ammattilaatuinen lainerauta missä mahtollista säätä levyn korkeuta 19-38mm. Lämpötila 120-210°C . Suojattu säädettävä kahva helpottaa kahden käden käyttöä. Takuu 12kk.

Gold Dust Ceramic plus MAK plates combine the conductivity of gold with the smooth control of mineral-oil ceramic for super smooth styling and long lasting, shiny styles. You can choose from 4 x wave depth settings for shallow to super-deep waves. There are 5 intelligent digital vaiable heat settings ranging from 120 to 210°C, creating any wave and protects hair from excessive heat damage. The Multi Waver comes with our salon-length 3m heat resistant swivel cord and a UK/EU plug. It is also neatly stored in a 100% recyled and 100% recyclablel tin and a 100% recycled, with a 100% recyclable eco-felt storage bag/heat mat. There is an additonal 1 hr auto shut-off function.
  • Black matte housing with Gold dust Ceramic + MAK-infused plates
  • Five digital, ultra-even variable heat settings from 120°c – 210°c
  • 4 x variable wave depths, from shallow to deep waves
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable Eco Felt Storage Bag
  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable packaging
Before use, make sure hair is clean, dry and tangle-free. Switch on the Multi Waver using the power button, and select 1 of the 5 temperatures, best suited to your hair type. Whilst you wait for the Multi Waver to heat up, select your desired wave depth (19mm /25mm / 32mm / 38mm) by using the dial on the end of the styler. Once the Multi Waver has heated fully to the chosen temperature, begin to section the hair. With a section of hair, begin to clamp the Multi Waver onto the hair, as near to the root as desired. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then release and continue this clamping motion down the rest of the length, keeping the Multi Waver in line for an even wave. Continue this process until all the hair has been styled. Once you have finished using the Multi Waver, please switch it off using the power (on/off) button and wait until it has fully cooled down before storing away.
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