Chemi-Pharm Sterisept 1000 ml

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Chemi-Pharm Sterisept 1000 ml.

Sterisept is a new generation fenol, aldehyde and phosphate free liquid concentrate for cleaning and disinfecting.

The preparation has a bactericidal effect, destroying bacteria (incl. Mycobacterium tuberculosis), viruses (incl. HBV, HIV) and fungi. Due to the surfactants contained in the product, it has good cleaning properties. Sterisept ismaterial friendly. Sterisept is intended for washing and disinfecting thermostable and thermolabile medical instruments. It removes blood, proteins, secretions and fats from medical instruments. Rinsing removes the substance quickly and completely.

It is used for disinfective cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments such as endoscopes, optical instruments and auxiliary equipment, bronhoscopes, biopsy instruments, intubation tubes, laryngoscopes, aspiration tubes, kidney basins, bedpans, laboratory instruments, stomatological instruments, etc.
Suitable for using in all stainless steel ultrasound baths.
The short disinfection time and low concentrations enable its economical use.

Immediately after usage, the instruments are disassembled, if needed, and placed into the Sterisept solution in a lidded container. Make sure that all surfaces are covered with the solution. After the time of effect, rinse (if needed) with sterile or running water. Suitable for use in ultrasound baths and washing machines for endoscopes.

The working solution of the preparation is made by diluting the concentration in water (at room temperature). A air-tight container of the ready-made solution can be used for up to 28 days. Working solution can be used for 7 days but should be replaced by a new one in case of contamination. Keep in air-tight containers at a temperature not below +5°C. Sterisept cannot be used with aldehydes, therefore avoid using substances which contain aldehydes before and after disinfecting with Sterisept.

The manufacturing process is in accordance with quality management systems ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and ISO1400. The ISO standards are implemented to assure that products are of highest quality and environmentally friendly, guaranteeing the avoidance of environment pollution hazard. Sterisept also holds CE labeling in accordance with the Directive for Medical Devices (MDD).

The substance is corrosive for the eyes, skin and mucous membranes.
When inhaled or in contact with the skin, it can cause hypersensitivity (allergies).
Wear rubber gloves and eye or face protection when working with the substance.
In case of skin contact, wash with soap and water.
In case of eye contact, rinse abundantly with running water, consult a doctor, if necessary.
In case of swallowing, drink plenty of water and consult a doctor.
Keep out of the reach of children.

pH 9,9 -10,5

CE labeling in accordance with the Directive for Medical Devices (MDD).


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