Artecno SterilBoy UV-C kampaamon työtarvikevaunu

300.00 (366.00 sis. alv)

Artecno SterilBoy 030E-UVC kampaamon työtarvikevaunu. Takuu 12 kk. Toimitus 8-12 työpäivää.
Trolley for hairdresser with drawer with UVC sterilizer inside.
Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 86 cm
Trolleys are equipped with an UVC lamp 9 watt with germicidal action and inactivation of virus. The sanification occurs only in the first drawer with an exposure time of only 10 minutes.
The materials used are resistant to the UVC rays.SterilBoy is a compact and resistant trolley with a large worktop with tray holders on both sides, 6 elegant and roomy removable drawers, 4 sides pockets.MADE IN ITALY

Artecno design and production.

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