Dimensions: 38x38x90 cm

To satisfy colorists’ needs ARTECNO has designed MODUS COLOR STORE, color tubes have never been so at hand!

MODUS COLOR STORE is the perfect solution to store all your color tubes: 2 sliding color tubes drawers with inner rack that can host up to 32 color tubes per drawer. The rack has been designed for 3X5cm tubes but can be customized for any size. In addition to this one-of-a-kind characteristic, MODUS COLOR STORE features all the necessary tools for color and styling service: the worktop has a non-slip surface and spaces for dye brushes on its sides, the lateral trays, both removable, can hold color bowls, aluminum foil, straightener, brushes and hairdryer, 2 sliding drawers offer more space.

Artecno design and production.


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